Trying to figure out what to call what I do?

I have been doing digital design since around 1982 when I first saw the original MacPaint start up screen on the original 128 Mac, which did almost nothing except crash after about 30 minutes of playing.



I bought the first scanner available for the 128 Mac which was so under powered that in order to use it I had to scan the top of an image and then the bottom of the same image and attempt to piece them together seamlessly in Bitmap mode, which was close to impossible. Eventually after days and weeks of playing with this scanner I got a few reasonable images which I fixed in MacPaint and eventually collaged them all together often having to print a screen and then rescan the print to create my own versions of layers to find a final image. The first good image I got was FlyLady, which was based upon a story of nuns killed in Nicaragua and left fly covered in a ditch by some right-wing group supported by the Reagan administration.